About Us.

Why should exotic skins and furs be exclusive to a select few? 

We know that everyone loves a little luxury, but the price tag not so much. That's why designer Marcia Sherrill and her team set to create a stunning collection of genuine fur coats, crocodile accessories and python handbags that is accessible to everyone. The team -never content- has added their signature beading and rhinestones in unexpected ways -rhinestones, embroidery and beading on fur coats and python bags. Marcia and the team can not leave well enough alone.

All of our products are handmade to order by our global artisans using the best quality skins and furs. So if you want to treat yourself to some luxury without worrying about your wallet (pun intended), Sherrill & Bros. has got you covered.

Our mission

Marcia Sherrill.

Marcia is a known designer, author and columnist and wanted luxury items for herself and began a 6 month project of dealing with (some might say harassing) artisans for exotic skin accessories and fur. Marcia started in exotic skins when she owned KLEINBERG SHERRILL, a luxury brand with stores in New York and Atlanta as well as in-store boutiques at Harvey Nichols in London and Takashimaya's across Japan. Her designs are in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Permanent Collection of the Costume Institute. She is a long-standing member of the CFDA. She sells her inexpensive collection, Anabelle By Marcia Sherrill, on Shopping TV around the globe.

Our Team. 

Based In New York, our team works hard to bring you delicious luxury goodies, but they work even harder not to drive each other insane.  

Seth Carson

Marcia Sherrill


Thomas Son

Diane Jenkins

Chief of Operations


Zachary Nathaniel

Associate Designer 


Emery Gouder

Chief Merchandising Officer