OK so Marcia is a known designer, author and columnist and wanted luxury items for herself and began a 6 month project of dealing with (some might say harassing) artisans for exotic skin accessories and fur. Marcia started in exotic skins when she owned KLEINBERG SHERRILL, a luxury brand with stores in New York and Atlanta as well as in-store boutiques at Harvey Nichols in London and Takashimaya's across Japan. Her designs are in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Permanent Collection of the Costume Institute. She is a long-standing member of the CFDA. She sells her inexpensive collection, Anabelle By Marcia Sherrill, on Shopping TV around the globe.
   With her partners , Diane and Christian, Marcia dove headfirst back into exotic skins and fur like a woman possessed. The team has scoured the Globe for artisans and she has found these small ateliers and created a coherent collection of crocodile belts, python bags and fur coats with a few wallets thrown in the mix. 
The team -never content- has added their signature beading and rhinestones in unexpected ways -rhinestones, embroidery and beading on fur coats and python bags. Marcia and the team can not leave well enough alone. In the middle of the Pandemic they created this collection of affordable luxury items for men and women. Marcia can barely make it through a Fresh Market grocery store without being assaulted by women wanting the furs and bags.
   The team had orders before they even had a website. Diane and Christian had to refuse orders so that their artisans would have time to wait for things like signature hardware. With the whole world on the lookout for cool and affordable luxury items they hustled to get the site up, shoot a Company video and get their model in for days of photoshoots. Now at last the company can get down and dirty with the incredible demand. Who knew? Sherrill & Bros sailed right under the radar of the bigger brands with their humongous mark-ups and created signature items that are drop dead gorgeous and easy on the wallet (a Sherrill & Bros wallet needles to say).