The Care and Feeding of Your Fur Coat Come Summer

We who are a bit older listened to the elder generation of women such as our mothers, aunts etc and have passed down as gospel the absolute nonsense that your fur must be kept in cold storage at your local dry cleaners or heaven-forbid a fur boutique during the warm summer months. At prices that could get you a couple nites at the Delano in Miami Beach…FUR STORAGE?????

We have air conditioning. Permanent cold storage. Take you genuine Fox fur and your precious mink and that mountain of racoon and even your beaded rabbit and throw them at the back of that wondrous thing called a closet and forget about them until fall rolls around.

Out comes the genuine rabbit fur coat that mimics a “puffer” coat controlling your heat and being dammed stylish to boot. Then out comes the mink in all its glory and then the genuine luxury of a real racoon and voila gone is the need for mere fabric jackets when you can go wild with fun, stylish, genuine fur coats.

A real fur coats for every ten degrees of weather though you will find that even in the frostbitten days of January that little genuine rabbit fur coat packs quite a warm punch. Don’t take my word for it wear one…I dare you not to sweat…

All this excellent advice  about cold storage flew out the window thanks to the little fact of the dawn of air conditioning. Guess what serves as cold storage? Your closet…Chances are you are not setting your thermostat at 80 so barring a Sub-Saharan Heat wave, our furs are well cared for…why ruin perfection? They look so pretty back there in their garment bags and you can dream all summer long of the perfection of a real fur coat that does  not keep the register ringing at a Cold Storage place of yesteryear…I’m afraid they will soon go the way of video rental stores and that’s sad but what is sadder is you wasting more than a real fur coats costs to so-called “maintain” them. Just like the animals out in the wild nature has her own best defense against the weather and its name is FUR!

How low are our thermostats anyway and what about us having our furs on at restaurants and in our very homes when we have the heat on 72 degrees enough already. So lets figure this out like small tykes. 

In the winter we keep our homes at a cozy-ish 72 degrees and in the summer we may vary a built and move down to 70 degrees or dare I say it an even 68 degrees. And we race around from one climate-controlled place to another…is Bergdorf’s really letting their customers suffer at 65%? I should think not???

So, no you do not need to waste any money on fur storage because you are doing it already-your home and office are temperature controlled. God Bless you… you little minx.

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